Concerning the usage of our website

Concerning the usage of our website

1. Firstly

The content shown on our website is a guidance for our company, or is meant to distribute general information about crypto currencies. It is not intended to encourage the transactions of a certain crypto currency.
Crypto currency investment is high risk compared to general securities such as stock shares. Therefore, we ask you to understand the content of the transaction so you yourself are comfortable enough to make the final decision of the investment.

2. Concerning copyrigh

The copyright of all contents posted on our website, is in principle, attributed to us. It can not be diverted without our permission.

3. Disclaimers

Although we pay close attention to the content posted on our website, we do not guarantee its completeness. Regarding the content, we use the latest content at the time of creation of this website, but it may differ from the current situation. For the latest data and situation, please contact us.

4. Our privacy policy

Refer to our “Privacy policy”, which is written separately.

5. Concerning links to external websites

We are not responsible for the accuracy of external websites that may be linked to our website.