About our correspondence towards
money laundering

Measures towards Money Laundering

In recent years, there is a growing international trend in recognizing the importance in establishment of a system to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. In the cryptocurrency ecosystem, which is highly anonymous and allows borderless transactions, it is speculated that such demand will increase in the future. We are strongly aware that responding to such social demands is an important managerial task for our company.

Therefore, we have established the following unified system and will proceed with business according to the policy below:

  1. We will nominate someone from the corporate division responsible for money laundering prevention, and from the compliance office for managing the prevention of money laundering and other issues
  2. The Company not only confirms the identity of the customer at the time of opening the account, but also appropriately conducts the conformity assessment of the transactions. We will also take countermeasures according to customer attributes such as the public titles, and utilize a risk-based approach
  3. We will continuously carry out training for executives and employees in order to ensure customer management such as creation of customer transaction records can be carried out accurately
  4. If we become suspicious when monitoring a customer’s transaction, the compliance office will examine it in cooperation with the legal division and the internal auditing office. In some cases, we may order a suspension of the transactions, and will strive to prevent suspicious transactions. Simultaneously, we will report to the authorities
  5. We periodically carry out internal audits as to whether our posture set forth in the paragraph above is functioning properly. We will also strive to further improve our position based on the results of the audit