BaseLayer Inc.’s mission is to contribute to the healthy growth and spread of the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem through digesting credible information from trustworthy sources and communicating it in an easy-to-understand manner.

If we look back on the history of mankind, technological advancements also allowed advancements in information processing and recording, which expedited the spread of information.

In the mid-15th century, Gutenburg developed the letterpress-printing technology and lowered the barrier of people accessing the Bible and other technical books. Using this technology, ideas and information spread to many regions and people.

In 1991, Tim Berners-Lee released the WWW (world wide web) that could be used on the Internet. As a result, information became networked, allowing information to spread all over the world at a dramatically faster and lower cost than before. This is the so-called information revolution.

The advancements and spread of the Internet enriched people by drastically changing the process of work and life style.

On the other hand, it created challenges like how to guarantee the credibility of information and information leakage of service providers.

The blockchain is a technology that is a solution to the major problems the information revolution has created.

BaseLayer Inc. will operate to become the most trusted information agency in the upcoming new economic zone, the token economy.

Core Member

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    Hitoshi Kisou

    CEO(Chief Executive Officer)

    Born in 1989, graduated from The University of Tsukuba with a major in Sociology.

    After graduation, entered Orix Group at the time, and managed to propose projects for listed companies at the sales department.

    In 2015 discovered the blockchain and realized that the world will become more open and borderless. After leaving his position, he has participated in several blockchain and Cryptocurrency related projects before co-founding BaseLayer.

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    Yuki Sato

    Board of Directors

    Born in 1984, graduated from Doshisha University’s Faculty of Psychology.

    After graduation, he worked as an IT consultant for major staffing company and managed projects to build and renovate websites.

    However, to pursue his dream from university, he became an acupuncturist.

    While working as an acupuncturist at an orthopedic clinic and on a luxury cruise ship, he translated articles and research about the blockchain.

    Determined that the blockchain has the potential to change the world, he joined BL in September of 2017 to be in the forefront of the field.

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    Ryoji Yamawaki

    Compliance Officer

    Born in 1958. Graduated from Hokkaido University’s Fisheries Sciences and received his masters from Tsukuba University’s Environmental Science program.

    After graduation, he joined a listed securities firm. There, he worked as a analyst for corporate research as well as worked on the development team for utilizing AI technology for creating portfolio models.

    The later joined a product fund management company and aimed to establish and manage a hedge fund but gave up due to the Lehman Shock. He rejoined a securities firm and was in charge of compliance.

    Realizing that AI and fund management has a potential of being closely affiliated with the blockchain, he joined BaseLayer.

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    Kenichi Mitsunushi

    Head of Internal Audit Office

    Born in 1967, after joining a securities firm, Kenichi traded public and corporate bonds, then joining retail operations.

    From 2007, he has been involved in compliance work alongside the execution of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and was the director of the Compliance Division and Internal Audit Division until recently.

    In addition, he joined an online securities firm from establishment in 2014 and was in charge of the overall operations related to registration and licening.

    After registration, he was engaged in compliance work as internal control supervisor. Believing that the cryptocurrency industry has tremendous potential of growth, joined BaseLayer.

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    Takeshi Isozumi

    Outside Director/CSO

    Born in Kyoto, after working for a major department store and a consulting firm, joined Funai Soken Consulting in 1994.

    Soon after joining the firm, he became known as “a consultant that always has a long waiting line,” and helped clients accelerate their businesses.

    He created many unbreakable records such as the number one consultant for 11 consecutive years.

    He became the Business Development Director for Funai Soken Holdings and successfully directed the company into new businesses such as the field of adtech. Currently he sits on the board of many digital startups.

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    Ryan Silence

    Lead Consultant

    Born in 1991 in the United States, graduated from Trinity University with double majors in Economics and Politics in 2013.

    After graduation, completed Japanese Language Program of Keio University in Japan.

    To improve his Japanese language skill and Sales skill, he joined a property development company in Japan, and engaged in sales and marketing in the Japanese market as a sales manager.

    After successfully finishing a hotel management project, he left the property development company. While he was searching for his next opportunity, he found Blockchain Technology as one of the most globally influential technologies highly attractive, and decided to join BaseLayer.