About our correspondence towards
anti social forces

Measures Against Anti-Social Forces

In order to secure the soundness and impartiality of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and secure the safety of customers and employees, we will establish a system to eliminate anti-social forces such as organized crime groups and organizations involved in organized crime. We will not engage in any relationship between these forces.

  1. We will not conduct any transactions with anti-social forces
  2. If we find out that an individual or an organization that we have conducted a transaction such as trading is found to be associated with anti-social forces, we will immediately take appropriate measures to resolve the transaction
  3. We do not accept any money from anti-social forces
  4. We will not respond to any unfair demands from anti-social forces. When recognizing any unreasonable demands by anti-social forces, we will promptly take civil or criminal measures.
  5. In connection with the elimination of antisocial forces, we will continue to establish close relationships with external organizations such as law enforcement officials, police, and other organizations with similar goals to eradicate anti-social groups.