About risks correlated to
crypto currencies

Risks in Cryptocurrency Transactions

Cryptocurrency is a “value that can be issued, transferred, managed by electronic information processing, and can be used as an settlement instrument for an unspecified large number of people". A cryptocurrency is different from a traditional currency such as the Japanese Yen or a foreign currency, in which a third party institution such as a central bank secures value. By using the blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies can maintain a currency function without a third party institution.

Because it is a currency built upon these new concepts, the cryptocurrencies have risks that are different from traditional stocks, bonds and other securities. The main risks are outlined below, so please read and understand these risks carefully before proceeding with transactions.

1. Price Fluctuation Risk

Although the value of cryptocurrencies fluctuates, its fluctuation range (volatility) is generally larger than that of traditional stocks. Therefore, if an unexpected event occurs in the future, there is a possibility of experiencing unexpected losses

2. Technical risks encompassed by cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies may experience a hard fork, which causes one currency to branch into two or more currencies that can cause a loss in mutual compatibility, or a malicious minor may use enough computational power to facilitate illegal transactions. In such cases there is a risk that the owner of that currency may suffer damage

3. Business Hours Risk

Cryptocurrencies are traded around the world 24 hours a day, 365 days. As a result, we may experience large price fluctuations during non-business hours and cause unexpected losses

4. Liquidity Risk

Depending on market conditions and the popularity of currencies, the market may not have enough liquidity to satisfy customers' desired volume of transactions. At such times you may be forced to trade at an unexpected price, which could cause losses

5. Risk of Loss such as a Password

We will send cryptocurrencies to the Wallets that each customer creates. If you lose your Wallet's private key, password, etc.., you will loose access to your cryptocurrencies. In such cases, we cannot take any responsibilities.

6. Risk of Bankruptcy

There is a risk that our company will not be able to continue business due to changes in the external environment. In such cases, each customer's currencies and cryptocurrencies will be protected by a separate management, but processing procedures after bankruptcy are carried out based on bankruptcy law, corporate law, civil rehabilitation law, etc., therefore, there may be a possibility that refunds to customer's might not be immediate.

7. Risk of Changes in Law and Tax Systems

There is a possibility that laws and regulations regarding cryptocurrencies may change moving forward. At that time, you may have unexpected disadvantages in your transactions